Don't forget to check us out on

Don't forget to check us out on

April 24, 2018
Hello Everyone!
  Radio Cult is still rockin'! I'm in the process of trying to move the Radio Cult website to a new platform, so I've been getting
behind in updating things. In addition to Radio Cult and our acoustic duo, Ricky and I have also joined a variety of different
bands! Check out our RAMONES tribute band "Learning To Count" on the website!  We
also now have a childrens show called "Kitty KaPow & Professor Whiskers" (! We also play in the
nerdgrass sensation "Possum Kingdom Ramblers" (! Our Facebook page ( is up-to-date with all of our different band's shows!
-Bambi Lynn

Bike Week in
Myrtle Beach!

Wizards Ball Atlanta!

City of
Lawrenceville event

We do acoustic shows, too!

Fun at a Private Party!

Learning To Count: a
tribute to the RAMONES!

Columbus, GA

Irmo, SC!

Macon, GA!

A festival that had
us set up in a barn!

Possum Kingdom Ramblers!

We DO play

Athens, GA!

Columbia, SC!

City of Lawrenceville

Private event with guest musicians!



Kitty KaPow & Professor Whiskers:
our childrens show!

Private Event

Charlotte, NC

Myrtle Beach

Porterdale, GA

Private Event at
a Hunting Lodge

Woodstock, GA


Columbia, SC

Warner Robins
Air Force Base

Athens, GA!

Columbus, GA

Too hot outside
for stockings!

Birmingham, AL!

Charleston, SC!

Macon, GA!

Beaver Bar in
Myrtle Beach!

Covington, GA!

Atlanta, GA


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High Energy fun show! 80s party music, 80's influenced original music and so much more!!! Extraordinary cover band!

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